My name is Sabbatha, I am a semi proud 17 year old Irish, Native American, Sicilian, and African American woman. Unfortunately only the Irish shows because I look like an albino. Born and raised in Arizona, currently residing in Idaho, a mythical land where wild rednecks roam our majestic potato fields. Currently studying for a PhD in the art of Smartassism. I find it of import to keep an open mind towards the world around me and to treat others how I would want to be treated. Somehow I have memories from when I was two years old but I can't even remember what I did earlier in the week. WARNING if you see me on the streets and I appear to be having a seizure, I am not (at least I hope not, make sure you check just in case), I'm most likely Fangirling/ Interpretive dancing. Most importantly I like rainbows, like, a lot. I believe in equality, and every aspect of the word. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I love films, Activism, Writing, creating "Art", Painting, Photography, Steeping Tea, Then re heating the tea, then drinking the tea, then reusing the same bag until I suck out it's life force because I have no money, Literature, Comic books, music, long walks,Nature, Swimming, Singing, dancing (though poorly),making rude people uncomfortable, singing in the shower, and peeing in the shower.

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Rest easy Ryan Matthew Dunn, you will never be forgotten.

I will be posting TV shows predominately, but I will also post, Art, Music, Social Justice, Human and animal rights activism, Funny stuff, movies and anything else that strikes my fancy.

This is NOT a Spoiler free blog, you have been warned.